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The Reserve Officers Academy

Knowledge – Insight- Involvement


The purpose of this communication is to inform you about the establishment in Sweden of a new new resource for reserve officers, The Reserve Officers Academy.



This is in response to the current situation in our own and neighbouring countries and regions.


We are experiencing increased turbulence, the ongoing pandemic being an example of this. We are seeing an increase in both long- and shortrange issues which many of them have the potential of developing into security threats.


We have concluded that these delopments may present a challenge to the national reserve officers corps, a challenge that must be analyzed and categorized in terms of response. We, The Reserve Officers Corps, of the respective countries should analyze these issues and determine the appropriate response, be it active or passive.



The sharing of information and insights between countries is an important part in making these determinations and should be encouraged and facilitated. It is also important to establish channels of communication between the various reserve officers groupings and appropriate civilian counterparts.


In order to facilitate this a group of high-ranking Swedish reserve officers are considering the establishment of an academy. The key words steering the focus and activities of the proposed Academy are relevance are proposed to be relevance, reliability and validity.


It is important to note that the use of the term ”academy” is not to be construed as denoting the usual forma trappings of academic bodies, it is mainly meant to emphasize the importance of quality in the out-put of the Academy.



Initially the Academy is planned to to consist of a number of ”study circles” with participants that contribute with both relevant knowledge and communicative skills. Knowledge-development and sharing is to be the main objective of the study circles. Study-tours, domestic as well as foreign can also be considered.


The results of the deliberations in the study-groups will be disseminated through appropriate channels.



We hope that you have found the thoughts expressed here interesting and worth following up. As we noted in the introduction these are turbulent times and activities that aim to a reduction in tension and subsequent escalation of risks must be  developed and encouraged.

Rev A 2024-04-10

In English: Välkommen
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